Choose your own adventure!

Test out last years Choose your own adventure games for yourself!

A game about you and a cave.

(Play the game to find out more.) 

by: P. W.

This is cowboy crusaders, a cowboy bounty hunting story. 

by: S. S.

Explore and do tasks on the ship as the last survivor left after a game Among us.

by: O. S. 

You are dead and visit a dungeon to find a potion that will bring you back to life.

by: J. P.

Your ship is being attacked by the borg and you have to save your ship and your crew.

by: T. O.

You awake in a strange world, with strange creatures and plants. As you try to survive and find a way out, you will be given opportunities to make alliances with certain creatures in Aetherworld... choose wisely.

by: E. M.

A friendly stay at the cottage turns south very quick. Can you make it out? 

by: O. M. 

This game is about someone who was kidnapped and needs to get their stuff back by fighting guards. Once they get their stuff back they needs to escape by finding the exit. 

by: D. M.

You investigate a weird noise coming from the police station and find it's been overrun by mysterious creatures. Your goal is to save as many people as you can and escape the police station. 

by: N. H. 

You're trapped in a house it's haunted. Try to escape. 

by: O. H. 

Its the last 24 seconds in a basketball championship and  you are helping the team losing make a basket to win. 

by: L. H. 

Your goal is to escape the Nazis to a friendly base.

by: C. B. 

Rescue your phone by escaping NKEC during 4th period, and make it back before the bell rings to get a seat on your bus. 

by: E. A.

by: E.B.

by: J. H.

by: F. F.

You're a reporter trying to find his next big scoop

by: J. H.

by: B F

by: E S